About the Game

Fast Drive Football (FDF) is a free, one-player, card & dice tabletop game that simulates American Pro & College Football. It's a "drive-by-drive" game, meaning that instead of simulating each individual play, you are simulating one possession at a time. Games take about 15-20 minutes to play once you learn the rules.

"On any given Sunday..." FDF is unique in that most results are driven by team qualities - not precise numerical statistics. This approach allows for the development of a more colorful narrative throughout the game. The game book was designed to ensure that teams perform as they did in real life, but also to allow for the occasional surprise that keeps you coming back to roll just one more game...

The FDF Community is truly one of the best in the hobby. Andy Lewis created a web-based dice-roller app, and Curt Roberts created an electronic scoreboard! For gamers that want to bring individual player results into the game to track who was involved on scoring plays, Mark Miller has you covered with his Scoring Detail Charts. These charts really round out the FDF experience and I am humbled that Mark put the effort in to create charts for every pro season that I have produced. And for you college football fans, Dan Pruszewski created the same scoring detail charts for most of the available college teams! You can find all of this content on the Community Content page.

Print & Play

Fast Drive Football is available as a "Print and Play" PDF download. The game materials contain all of the play charts, as well as the instructions and a scoresheet. The only thing you will need to supply are the dice! 

There is no official physical version of the game, but if you want to make a more "professional" version of the game for yourself, we have formatted the game charts for double-sided printing and coil binding - as shown in the photos on this page. See the FAQ for more information.

For the pro version, all NFL (and AFL!) seasons from 1950-today are available, as well as some well-known spring leagues. Head on over to the Pro Game Downloads page to start playing today!

For the college version, top teams from recent seasons are available as well as championship teams from 1976 to today. You'll also be able to create your own teams with the included team creation instructions. With FDF you can even rate teams at any point of the season and play along with your favorite team in real time! All of the college game materials are available on the College Game Downloads page.

Gameplay Video

This video run through shows a full game between the 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers and the 2017 New England Patriots.

There are additional gameplay videos linked on the Community Content page.

Commissioner Expansion

This expansion gives you all the tools you need to run your own custom professional football league using either fictional or real teams. Think of it as a pro football sandbox limited only by your imagination. The expansion works great “out of the box” but it is also wide-open for personalization, tinkering, and your own customized rules, qualities, tables, and charts. 

Head on over to the Game Downloads page to start building your unique football universe today!

Introducing Enhanced Team Cards for NFL Seasons!  

Support a Non Profit 

If you enjoy the game, please consider making a donation to your favorite charity, or to one of the organizations below.


“For me, Fast Drive Football is the Holy Grail of Tabletop Football games! ” - Mark Miller

“A true gift to tabletop gamers! FDF hits on all notes: simplified game engine, graphically appealing, and highly engaging. Playing a game is like watching game highlights from NFL films.” - James Cast, Tabletop SportCast

"Fast Drive Football would be good value if you paid for it. It is a fantastic value as presented with the benefit that you help a cause you would want to help anyway. The best quick play football game in existence." - David Gray

"FDF takes me back to my childhood and the games I created with paper and pencil.  Only difference is that FDF is much better than my efforts." - David Fish Warner

14 years away from the hobby and then I stumbled across Fast Drive Football. Wow - i'd forgotten how much fun replay gaming is. This game is quick enough to allow full seasons to be played (now on my 3rd season) and yet contains all the excitement of the sport. Can't thank Al enough for his time and generosity. It's great to be rolling dice again and this game will be a regular on my tabletop for some time to come." - Ben Crowbeard Fletton

"Finally a football game that is fun and fast! No more 3 hour marathons. I also appreciate FDF, and other great community members, for making college football available. And, oh, did I mention that FDF is priced very reasonably...as in FREE?!" - Jon Conner

"Fast Drive Football is an exciting game. So many seasons to play and being able to create your own teams is a super bonus. Its being at the stadium watching your favorite teams play." - Chris Phillips

"It's the first sports roll and write that I've tried and to me it's perfect. For the price of FREE I have recreated the local High School football conference using the games system and real stats, and can play it out at my leisure. 5/5 This has led me to look into more in depth offerings such as those from PLAAY." - Michael Emans

"Fast Drive Football is one of the reasons why I love this beautiful Sport. I had the opportunity to recreate the Italian Football League thanks to the Commissioner Expansion, transferring real Football to this game without problems." - Pasquale Basile

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