College Game Downloads

Core College Game Materials

FDF v2.0 College Game Book (Updated 12/2022)

FDF College Instructions (Updated 12/2022)

FDF College Scoresheets (Updated 12/2022)

These alternate scoresheets include blank card images so that you can pencil in the team qualities right on the scoresheet. Useful for when you don't want to print out all of the team cards.

Optional College Game Materials

NCAA Football SRS Rating Workbook

This workbook was provided by William Smith for gamers that want to create teams for FCS, Div II and Div III teams, and need help determining their SRS ratings.
NCAA Football SRS Workbook Instructions

Generic FCS Opponent Team Cards

Generic team cards to represent FCS teams on an FBS team's schedule.

Team Collections

See tables at the bottom of the page for a list of all teams contained in the Special and Decade collections.

Fictional Collections

Special Collections

Teams from these collections may be duplicated in the Decade and Season collections.

Decade Collections 

Each collection contains 36 teams from the top programs of the decade.  Note that there are no 2018 or 2019 teams represented in the "Teams of the 2010's" collection since they would be duplicates of the 2018 & 2019 season sets below.

FBS Season Sets 

Each season has the top 30+ teams represented, as well as Army and Navy. Excel spreadsheets are available below to create your own cards for the remaining teams.

FCS Sets 

Team Directory

List of teams contained in the Special and Decade collections.