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Commissioner Expansion

FDF v1.2 Game Book (Released April, 2022)

See FAQ for explanation of changes from v1.1

FDF Instructions (Last Updated January 2022)

January 2022 update clarifies how to use the INEFFICIENT quality.

FDF Scoresheet (Last Updated November 2021)

FDF Alternate Scoresheet (Last Updated January 2022)

This alternate scoresheet includes blank card images so that you can pencil in the team qualities right on the scoresheet. Useful for when you don't want to print out all of the team cards.

FDF Instant Results Table (Released February 2022)

FDF Pro Team Creation Guide (Released February 2022)

Note: If you want to create college teams, please see the instructions for the college game.

  • Old school paper and pencil template!

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Affinity Publisher Support: Using Affinity Publisher (sold separately) and the files below, you can create FDF Team Cards that look identical to those I produce for the game. To get the files, click the link below and download all three files. Refer to your operating system help system for information about installing fonts. Open the FDF Team Template as you would any other file for Affinity Publisher.

  • FDF Team Template (Affinity Publisher Template)

  • Montserrat-Black.ttf (font used in FDF Team Template)

  • Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold.ttf (font used in FDF Team Template)





Supplemental Rules for playing XFL Seasons with Fast Drive Football

PAT Conversions: There are no extra-point kicks in the XFL. For the PAT conversion, teams run a single offensive down from the 2-yard line for 1 point, from the 5-yard line for 2 points, and from the 10-yard line for 3 points. Note that the 2 & 3 point options were not introduced until the 2001 playoffs. Use the 2-Point Conversion table in FDF as follows:

  • 1-point conversion try: no changes to table

  • 2-point conversion try: result 4 is an automatic failure to convert

  • 3-point conversion try: results 4 & 5 are an automatic failure to convert


  • Ties are resolved in similar fashion to the NCAA, with at least one possession by each team, starting from the opponent's 20-yard line. If the score is still tied after one overtime period, the team that played second on offense in the first OT starts on offense in the second OT. Games cannot end in a tie. There are other rules that you can lookup on wikipedia.

  • For FDF, not all aspects of the XFL OT process can be simulated without the addition of a new chart/mechanic. For each team's possession in OT, roll once on the drive chart with GREAT field position. Punt results should be treated as a 4th down FGA. There is no option to use the 4th Down - Go For It! chart.

Alliance of American Football

Supplemental Rules for playing the AAF Season with Fast Drive Football

Kickoffs: There are no kickoffs to begin a half, and there are no kickoffs after a score. Teams start drives with AVERAGE field position.

PAT Conversions: All PAT's are 2-Point Conversion attempts.

Safeties: Following a SAFETY, there is no free kick. Instead the team scoring the safety automatically receives the ball in AVERAGE field position.

Onside Kicks: In lieu of an onside kick, a team can attempt an "onside conversion". In FDF this is done by attempting the 4th Down - Go For It! play. If successful, they keep the ball in GREAT field position.

Overtime: In the AAF OT rules, each team received the ball at the 10-yard line with a chance to score a touchdown and a 2-point conversion. If the two sides were tied at the end of one session, the game ended in a tie. In FDF, each team may roll once once on the drive chart with GREAT field position. There is no option to use the 4th Down - Go For It! chart, but all FGA's are treated as a TD PASS result. Use the 2-Point conversion chart as usual.

World Football League

Supplemental Rules for playing the 1974 WFL Season with Fast Drive Football

Touchdowns: Touchdowns are worth 7 points.

PAT Conversions: 1-point Action Point (AP) may be tried after a touchdown using the AP range on the team card.

Overtime: Overtime in the regular season is one 15-minute period, divided into two halves of 7½ minutes, each starting with a kickoff by one of the teams. The complete overtime was always played; there was no "sudden death" feature. In FDF, each "half" is 6 ticks of the clock. Note that in 1975, the WFL changed its overtime to the 15-minute sudden-death period, and this should be used in any 1974 Playoff OT scenarios as well.

Football America Fictional Seasons

Visit for more information about the Football America fictional universe for Second Season Football.

Fictional QUICK START LEAGUES Created with the Commissioner Expansion